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If you're being forced to move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for your work, you may be reluctant to put up your downtown Toronto condos for sale because you're worried that you won't be able to find any real estate to your liking. But you only think that because you don't know anything about the city. We'll give you an overview of the types of real estate you can find there so you can reassure yourself that yes, you will find a home you like in your new city.

Detached Homes

Baton Rouge is a big city, but just like Toronto is a big city where you can still buy a detached Markham home of your very own, you can find a detached house in Baton Rouge. There are actually some quite large single family homes with historic value in some Baton Rouge neighborhoods, like University Lakes, as well as standard new style suburban homes in the outlying neighborhood that won't be such a drain on your finances. Some of the historic home styles you'll find in Baton Rouge include Queen Anne and Craftsman.

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Town Houses

One of the most charming things about living in an older, larger city like Baton Rouge is that there are plenty of town houses that are full of character to choose from. Unlike the newer Arlington, TX townhouses that have no historic value, many town homes in Baton Rouge are done in brick or Colonial/Colonial Revival stylings with architectural embellishments, terraces, and enclosed gardens. You'll have more of a job looking after older homes with a lot of vegetation, but it will be worth it when you consider the aesthetic value.


Condos are a relatively new invention, so most of them tend to be congregated in the large metal and glass high rise towers that populate the downtown central business district. This is great for anyone who's looking to buy a similar unit to the one they had at home inspection, Jersey City. However, if you want a home with character there are very few condos to choose from. There are a few in buildings that have been converted from mansions or warehouses, but you'd be better off looking for a detached or town home instead.

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Cities thrive on apartments because more than anywhere else, city populations tend to be transient. Many never stay in one neighborhood long enough to buy Kleinburg real estate. If you're new to the city, an apartment could be just the thing to tide you over until you've found a home you like. You can choose between a new apartment in a downtown high rise or an apartment with character that has come from renovating a larger historic home in a neighborhood like Beauregard Town.

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